How Cheerleading Relates to Life

Cheerleading 📣 Something that has been apart of my life, FOREVER! Some people are BORN into it, some people have to work SO HARD to accomplish their dream on being apart of it. Both things require hard work, dedication, grit and drive to be successful.
It wasn't too long ago that I was out on that mat, reaching for a goal and always falling just a little bit too short but even though my team never won the big title, we persevered and we held ourselves at such a high standard. We knew what it took to be at the top and we reached for that EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
Fast forward to this school year.... My daughter, Anabella, and her team DID THE DANG THING! They had a goal, they put in the work and they accomplished what most high school cheerleaders can only dream of.
The same goes for anything in life. Nothing comes easy. You want something, you have to put in the work! I say all of this to encourage you.... WHATEVER your dream is, focus on it, lean in, grind EVERYDAY and I promise you WILL see results! You got this and I believe in you!!!
-Kati Gannom
Bella Layne Boutique