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Fall Shirt in the Spring?

Have you ever felt like you have four completely different wardrobes? We tend to have 4 categories of clothing that we switch in and out of our closets... Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. I have found that this shouldn't always necessarily be the case. There are many pieces of clothing that can be utilized all year round depending on how you style it or wear it.  This ribbed, button, lace sleeve top for instance. We have this top available in 3 color options. Charcoal Gray (as pictured), Rust or Plum. For me, charcoal gray can be a color I will wear ALL THE TIME! No matter the season, you can find me in black and gray because 99% of my closet...

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How Cheerleading Relates to Life

Cheerleading 📣 Something that has been apart of my life, FOREVER! Some people are BORN into it, some people have to work SO HARD to accomplish their dream on being apart of it. Both things require hard work, dedication, grit and drive to be successful. It wasn't too long ago that I was out on that mat, reaching for a goal and always falling just a little bit too short but even though my team never won the big title, we persevered and we held ourselves at such a high standard. We knew what it took to be at the top and we reached for that EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Fast forward to this school year.... My daughter, Anabella, and her...

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Mama with an Entrepreneur Heart

I know that I can't be the only Mama who LOVES her kids with their whole heart but also wants to have something that she can do for herself. My biggest why on this journey to becoming a CEO of a company was not only to be able to serve my kids well AND work, but also to have something that is MINE that I am super passionate about. Financial freedom has always been in the forefront of mine and my husband's minds. We want to be able to spend AS MUCH time as possible with our children while also not having to live paycheck to paycheck and struggle. While my husband is still working at this moment in time,...

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